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Help & Info about Adblock for Youtube for windows

  • What is Adblock for Youtube?

    Adblock is an extension for the Chrome web browser that allows users to block ads that appear in front of Youtube videos. Most monetized videos will feature 15 to 30-second ads before they show their content and for many users, they can be distracting, intrusive and not useful. Adblock removes them and allows for videos to instead play immediately.
  • Is Adblock for Youtube free?

    Yes, Adblock is a free extension for the Chrome browser, which is also free to download and install on Windows and Mac.
  • Is Adblock for Youtube safe?

    Yes, the extension is safe to use. In fact, not only does it not pose any risk or threats of viruses and malware, it protects users against intrusive or annoying ads that bombard viewers when trying to watch Youtube videos.
  • How do I install Adblock for Youtube?

    Adblock can be installed by visiting Chrome’s library of extensions and downloading it directly in the browser. Once it’s installed, it will automatically appear in the toolbar for immediate use. To turn off Adblock or remove it from your browser completely, visit the browser settings where you can make adjustments to all of your existing extensions.
  • Is Adblock for Youtube legal?

    Yes, Adblock is legal. There is no law that says you have to view ads and users legally have control of the sites they access. Many online advertisements can be malicious and for that reason, it’s a good idea to install an ad blocker that protects you from adware and malware.
  • What platforms is Adblock for Youtube available on?

    Adblock is available on Google’s Chrome web browser. Any system where Chrome can be downloaded will naturally support Adblock. This includes both Windows and Mac desktop and laptop computers.
  • Where is Adblock for Youtube installed?

    The Youtube Adblock extension is installed in Chrome and doesn’t require downloading a setup file. All actions can be performed within Chrome and once it’s installed, it can be used immediately.
  • How often is Adblock for Youtube updated?

    Adblock is updated regularly, but because the program is simple and straightforward, it doesn't need constant maintenance. It was last updated on June 14, 2017, meaning it is up-to-date and compatible with the newest versions of the Chrome web browser.
  • Does Adblock work on all types of ads?

    This version of Adblock is specifically designed to eliminate video ads that appear in front of monetized Youtube videos. These videos range in length from 15 seconds to 30 seconds. Unlike the general version of Adblock or other ad-blocking extensions, it isn’t focused on banner ads or pop-ups, but rather the embedded advertisements attached to videos.
  • Does Adblock for Youtube work on other sites?

    No, the Youtube Ad-blocking extension does not work for sites other than Youtube. This means that ads that appear in front of videos from site like Vimeo, DailyMotion and Facebook won’t be affected, though there may be software that specifically targets ads running on these sites.


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